The new iPad

iPad 3

So the new iPad was announced today. Let’s see how it compares to my predictions.

  • It will be called the iPad 3, not the iPad HD – half correct, it is now simply called the iPad. This makes sense in my opinion. They don’t want to get up to ridiculous numbers, who wants an iPad 13, so they just got rid of them. Also since they are trying to get to a world without a pc it makes sense that they take their naming convention from their iMacs and Macbooks. Just update the hardware and leave the name.
  • “Retina” display – Yup 2048 x 1536
  • Dual core processor – Yup, the A5X
  • Improved graphics chip – Yup, have’t heard what it is yet though
  • Better camera(s) – Yup, the rear camera is up from 0.7MP to 5MP. Front facing is still the same.

Not bad!


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