The most secure way to download content

secureThere have been many stories recently about people having to pay huge fines and compensation for downloading illegal content via peer to peer networks. I’m sure that this has caused many people to stop downloading content via this method. Luckily there are a few tools and services you can use in to allow you to continue to download this way while remaining safe and anonymous.

My first recommendation to anyone who downloads any content from questionable sources online is to get yourself a VPN. A VPN works by encrypting all of the traffic between you and a remote server, which then connects to whatever content you are trying to get hold of. This prevents anyone from being able to look at what kind of traffic is passing along your internet connection, and therefore they cannot tell if you are getting any illegal content. Very handy at preventing those pesky letters from lawyers.

Second up is to get yourself a VPS or seedbox, depending on what you are doing. These are servers which you can rent specifically with the purpose of downloading torrents etc. A seedbox allows you to upload the torrent file of the download you want to the server, which will then download the torrent to it’s local hard drive. Not only is this fast but it also prevents any torrent traffic from appearing on your personal internet connection. You can then connect via FTP to the seedbox and download the files to your local computer. Using a VPN to connect to the seedbox will further increase the security of the whole transaction.

My final recommendation is to stop using peer to peer networks altogether. You should use a direct download service to download your content. A very good example, and what I use, is called usenet. Usenet has the benefit of having the option of downloading via SSL (secure) as well as downloading at the full speed of your internet connection, as you are connecting to real servers rather than other people acting as seeds. You can rent a VPS, much like a seedbox, for downloading from usenet to a remote location rather than directly to your home machine.

Using all three of the methods I have mentioned today may seem like overkill, but it genuinely is the most secure method you can use for downloading illegal content. Even using one of my suggestions will greatly improve your protection and anonymity on the internet.


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