Technology is awesome: iPhone

This is part of a ‘series’ of posts where I write about some of my favourite pieces of technology and how awesome I think they are. The technology ranges from iPhones to┬ápaper-clips. Quite simply, technology is awesome!

iPhone 4

The iPhone. The reason the iPhone is in the technology is awesome series is because of two mains things. The first is the design, specifically the design of the iPhone 4 and 4s (pictured above). When Steve Jobs first showed the iPhone 4 during his keynote speech he likened it to a Leica camera, one of the most stylish brands of camera around. I couldn’t agree more. I love the black glass front and back, and the brushed stainless steel sides are fantastic. Even the small dark bands breaking it up, and the buttons are great. It’s a great combination of industrial design and sleek futuristic tech.

The second reason why I love the iPhone is for what it is. Just a screen, with a couple of little buttons. When I look at the phone in my hand and think back to the days when I had some Nokia 33something, I’m amazed at how far technology has come. It is exactly that feeling which made me want to do this series of technology is awesome posts. That feeling is what has earned the iPhone the first post in this series.


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