Two insanely addicitve iPhone games

Angry Birds

My favourite of the two. You launch birds which, explode, break up, accelerate, drop bombs etc. The aim is to destroy the pigs, who side inside various defenses. They release updates regularly with more levels too, hours of fun.

Doodle Jump

Here you play a… I don’t know what it is, some kind of animal. The aim is to get as high as you can, by jumping up platforms. However these platforms can move, break, disappear and there are monsters, black holes, aliens and many more trying to stop you. A quick fix of fun. Also I’m rubbish at this one.

How to: Get linux-like window control

A feature I find very useful in linux is the ability to move or resize a window without having to move the mouse to the titlebar, edge or corner of the window. You can simply hold down the alt key and right or left click on the window depending on what your are trying to do. You can also set it to change focus to whichever window your mouse is over.

Thankfully I found a little program which can pretty much replicate these features in windows. Taekwindow just runs in the background and and give you window moving and resizing, and allows you to scroll windows which aren’t in focus. You still have to click on them if you want to do something other than scroll, but I still find the ability to scroll a window undernieth the one I’m using incredibly useful.

Authors Description:

In full detail, Taekwindow allows you to do the following:

  • move a window by grabbing it anywhere (not just the title bar) while holding the Alt key, and then dragging with the left mouse button;
  • resize a window by grabbing it anywhere (not just the tiny little border) while holding the Alt key, and then dragging with the right mouse button;
  • move a maximized window between monitors by Alt-dragging;
  • use the scroll wheel on the window under the cursor, instead of the currently focused window;
  • push a window to the background by middle-clicking on its title bar.

All these features can be configured to your liking.

New Apple Macbooks


Apple has very recently released an updated to their white Macbooks. They have had a bump in processor speed, along with an upgrade to the Nvidia 320M seen in the 13 inch Macbook Pros. With this comes the brilliant 10 hour battery life of the 13 inchers.

With this update apple has enabled the ability for the Mini DisplayPort to transfer audio as well as video. Good news for those who want to plug it into a TV with an HDMI adapter, and who wouldn’t since it can play HD movies silky smooth.

Google Fonts API

Today google has announced their pretty awesome web fonts api and google font directory. Basically this is going to allow you to use any of their fonts on your website, even if it isn’t installed on your guests computer. All with two lines of code! You just link to the font in the header and call the font in your style sheet. It’s so easy! Very big for those who (like me) love typography.

Nettuts has a pretty good video on using it.

Counter-Strike: Source to get achievements, more

I played CS:S a lot. I clocked up around 1000 hours on xfire back in the day. That was a few years ago now though, I had hadn’t imagined that they would be releasing updates for it! Turns out they will be, and they are currently in beta.

The updates listed on the website are:

  • 144(!) achievements added
  • New lifetime player stats and summary screens
  • New match player stats and summary screens
  • New end of round display with MVP and interesting fact about a player
  • Updated scoreboard with new icons, visual style, MVP stars, and avatar pictures
  • New cinematic death camera
  • New domination and revenge system
  • Added avatar icons to voice chat, scoreboard, and end of round display
  • Incorporated many source engine updates

It seems like they have taken a few ideas from some of the popular mods.

Valve has said it will run the beta for a limited time, so I imagine it will be released fairly soon.

How to: Bypass Rapidshare’s Download Delay

No doubt a lot of you have seen the above before. Well today I’m going to show you how to skip it! Get to the screen above for whatever file you are trying to donwload from Rapidshare. Then go to your address bar and type the following:

javascript:var c=0;

Hit enter and bing! The download delay is gone. You can also bookmark it so that your delay skipping is just a click away!

Google’s New Logo

A few days ago google updated their logo, along with their search results page.

They have given it a more minimalist look. They have removed the shadow from behind the letter, and they no longer have the little TM after it either.

The new look has carried over to the results navigation at the bottom of the search results page.

Want to see what an old google logo looks like? Check this out.

How to: Setup Sublime Text for web development


I have written a new guide for Sublime Text 2. Get it here.

Sublime Text is a pretty decent looking text editor. Of course it’s not just a text editor, but a very powerful tool for writing code.

sublime text ss

I have recently been using it for html, css and php. One of the many benefits of sublime text is the extensions. Depending on what you are using this diverse tool for, you can customise it to fit your needs. As I said, I’ve been using it for html, css and html, so I’m going to share two plugins I use to make it so much easier to use.


The first plugin I use is WebDevelopment. This is basically auto complete for html. You type ul then press tab and it makes <ul></ul>. You get the idea. Unlike other Sublime Text plugins, where you download a file, run it, and voila, in order to install WebDevelopment you have to subscribe to their version control system. This is a lot easier than it sounds.

First up you need to get TortoiseHg. Download it, install it. Done? Ok, now fire up your command prompt, either by doing start > run > cmd > enter, in XP, or start > cmd > enter in Vista and 7. Now you want to move to the directory where Sublime Text is installed. This is done by typing the following (assuming you installed Sublime into the default directory):

cd %APPDATA%\Sublime Text\Packages

now you want TortoiseHg to copy everything from their host to your computer. This is achieved with:

hg clone WebDevelopment

Notice the space between the last slash and WebDevelopment. You should end up with this:

webdevelopment install

It is now installed. Restart Sublime Text and go have a play around.

Zen Coding

The second plugin I’m recommending it Zen Coding. This plugin is available for many, many other editors, from Notepad++ to Dreamweaver. What it allows you to do is use css like prompts to automatically generate code. The best way to demonstrate this is with the gifs they have on their wiki.



Pretty awesome huh?

Installing this plugin is much easier than the last. Go to their downloads page and download the Sublime Zen Coding Package. Inside the zip will be a readme and a Sublime Text Package file. Just double click the package file and it will automatically install. Again, restart Sublime Text and experiment