How to: Play .MKV’s in WMC 7

For Christmas I was lucky enough to get my hands on an Asrock ion 330ht-bd, Basically a HTPC. First off I tried installing xbmc on it, but despite how gorgeous it looks, I found it too annoying to set up and get to work properly. xbmcfreak‘s version is ‘optimized’ for an ion based system, and is well on the way to working well, however it just wasn’t good enough.

So I went and installed windows 7 on it. It came with a WMC remote so that all works very well. Having thought I’d got it all set up and running, I watched some divx films and tv shows and found they were fine. Then I tried some of my HD content. In order to play it I thought all I needed was Haali Media Splitter, and to a certain extent I was right. However I found on some files I couldn’t get the damn thing to play any sound.

So I searched around a bit and basically discovered that the files with no sound had DTS sound. In order to get these to work I simply had to install ffdshow. After that I fired up WMC 7 and lo’ and behold, I had sound!

To sum up, to get .mkv’s to play in WMC 7 simply install:



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