How to: Make money from smart phones

I’ve recently been looking around online for different ways to make money. I’m about to start at university again and I could do with some cash to help me get through it (poor students!). So I was cruising around the web looking at a bunch of different courses which could teach me about online marketing and tricks to making money from a blog or website. It was then that I stumbled upon Mobile Monopoly.

This guy has been making money since he was 16. He started out with a site which told people where good local parties where at. This all went tits up though when he sent TONS of kids to some old woman’s house… Anyway the point is he learnt some valuable lessons from his experience.

He also makes an interesting point. There are hundreds of courses about making money online, but I haven”t found a single one on making money from people’s phones. Apple wants to sell something like 100 million iOS devices. That’s 100 million mobile devices. That’s a huge market that no one seems to be talking about (except Apple with their iAds). His course simply takes advantage of this before everyone else does so you’re ahead of the game!

I highly recommend this course in mobile marketing. Let me give you a tip. If you follow the link, read what he has to say, then close the window. You’ll get a little pop-up asking you to stay. Click cancel so you stay and you’ll be given a free taste of what the course has to offer. Click close again and you get another pop-up. This time with a discount! Can’t go wrong really…

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