How to: Get passwords for usenet files

So, spent ages downloading some big files off usenet? Extracted it only to find another bunch of rar’s only with a password? Pretty fucking annoying isn’t it?
Well apparently it has pissed off someone else as well and he has created a database of passwords for the files. You can find it here.

Simply search for the name of the file you downloaded and hopefully someone who knows the password will have posted it. If you figure out the password to something you downloaded, you can submit it to the database as well!

If you don’t want to download any more passworded files you can use another section of the same guys website. The password free section lists files that people have downloaded and found to not have a password protecting them. Saving you a shit ton of time, and also your santity.

12 thoughts on “How to: Get passwords for usenet files”

  1. The only reason for anyone to stick a password on these things is to either track your IP address (for reporting to anti-piracy lawyers) or to get you to visit a site that tries to get malware onto your machine.

    If you download something that asks for a password, don’t proceed further. That would be asking for trouble.

    Just delete the lot and look for something that isn’t password protected.

  2. yea or too make you pay shity services like horoscope through phone just to get that password, it’s annoying because they think we are fools…

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