How to: Backup your wordpress blog to Amazon S3

I’m sure you all know how important it is to have your data backed up. Normally what springs to mind for backup is stuff like your photos, music, important documents, maybe some game saves. What doesn’t spring to mind is backing up your wordpress blog. Your web host is probably backing up your data on their side, but do you want to leave it up to them? There are many stories about hosting companies losing massive amounts of data and then failing to have sufficient backups. The best thing to do is take matters into your own hands.

Amazon has a very cheap cloud storage solution called Amazon S3. As long as you store less than 50TB, which I’m pretty sure you should, the cost is $0.15 per gb per month. Say somehow your wordpress blog takes up 10gb, that’s a measly $1.50 a month.

The easiest way to implement using S3 in wordpress is to install the WP S3 Backup plugin. Once you have set up an S3 account you just enter your details in the plugin options and you are ready to roll. Safe and secure!

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