Two Essential Backlinking Tools

As I’m sure many of you know, and if you didn’t then now you do, the number of backlinks to your site is hugely important in Search Engine Optimization or SEO. These are links from other websites to yours, whether its a blog, forum signature or forum profile they all count. Generally speaking, the more backlinks you have the higher you will rank in search engines.

Another important factor is the anchor text of your backlinks. This should correspond with the keyword you are trying to rank for. For example I would use the link backlinking tools to help this post to rank for that term. The words “backlinking tools” is called the anchor text.

There are all kinds of ways in which you can create these backlinks, but I am going to talk about two pieces of software, which when used together create a very powerful backlinking system.

Sick Submitter

First up is Sick Submitter. One of the main features of Sick Submitter is to automatically create backlinks using forum profiles. These are the profile pages which are made when you sign up to a forum. On these forums you can usually have a signature which will appear after your posts. This signature also appears on your profile on the forums. By placing a link in your signature you create a backlink to your website. Sick Submitter will register at the forum, check your inbox for the confirmation email, login to the forum and add your link to your signature, all automatically.

As you can imagine this is incredibly powerful. You give the software “packets” which contain lists of forums for it to go and post your link at. You can literally create thousands of backlinks to your site using this tool. The software comes with a set of packets for you to use when you first get the software and their forum has many user created packets which you are free to download and use, as well as premium packets you can pay for. They also release a new packet every month for you to use. Using this software you can literally generate thousands of backlinks to your site.


Do you remember how I said that you can create your own packets for use with Sick? Well Scrapebox is the software you need to create these packets. Scrapebox works by searching Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL for “footprints” of forums which you can use Sick to register and post your backlink at. A footprint is a unique combination of words which will only appear on a website running the forum software you are targeting. It can create huge lists of websites which run forums which you can bundle into a packet and let Sick loose on creating backlinks.

Using a combination of these two software packages can really generate incredible results. Sick Submitter makes the whole task of registering and creating the links completely automated and quick while Scrapebox automatically seeks out new places for you to add your backlinks to.

I intend to write a few tutorials on how to use Sick and Scrapebox so be sure to subscribe via RSS or follow me on twitter so that you don’t miss out!


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