How To: Find the fastest DNS servers

InternetYou may not realise it, but which DNS servers your choose for your intertube connection can  play a huge role in the speed at which web pages load.DNS (Domain Name System) servers are the machines telling your browser where to go when you type in a web address, ie when you type in, or click a link, they tell your browser the IP address where the site is hosted. The browser then heads over there and gets the site data and shows it to you.

So the longer this take the longer it takes for the page to start loading. The action can take anything from a few milliseconds to a couple of seconds. To speed up your browsing experience you want to use DNS servers which respond to your request the quickest. Lucky for you some chap a google has made a handy tool which find the best ones for you!

Namebench is the name of this tool. Download it, then run the exe. When it has finished extracting just hit Start Benchmark. After a few minutes it will finish and dump a report into your browser. You can look at all the data it outputs but what you want to look at is the recommended configuration. Here is a screenshot of what I got:


In my case the first one is my router’s IP, since I have already set the best servers for me. Simpy set the three results you get as your primary, secondary and tertiary DNS server and you’re good to go. Enjoy the speed!


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